Howdy! I'm Dylan

Increasing human capital with the help of AI and community.


Hey there! I'm 18 years old and interested in AI, community, learning, and growing and scaling businesses.My goal is to leverage and create online communities and resources to scale businesses, create content, personal branding, SaaS and solopreneur businesses, and free young minds with the creator economy mindset.Here's a quick bulleted run-down of what I've been up to over the years:
- Started homeschooling in 7th grade
- Attended community college at 12 years old
- Became president and vice-president of multiple college clubs, leading students often twice my age
- Started taking courses from the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley through their Mathematics and Science Academy at 15 years old
- Became a research assistant at an NSF funded research program on Near Peer Mentoring led by UTRGV professors in the Mathematics, and Education departments.
- Created dozens of scripts to explain complex math concepts like Zeno's paradox in simple, direct, entertaining, narrative driven videos, and distributed them to participating area High Schools
- Worked with college graduates, PhD candidates and 4 Principle Investigators as the only High School student
- Took 3 graduate level mathematics courses: MATH 6331 Algebra I, MATH 6352 Analysis I and MATH 6353 Analysis II
- Graduated High School a year early with 100+ college credits